Frequently Asked Questions


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What is Fashion House of F.A.B.?


It is a non profit organization that seeks to enrich individuals in the areas of creativty, expressions and self-confidence through the fundamentals, academics and business of the Fashion industry.


What does this organization do?


In order to fulfill our mission, we will plan social, charitable and fundraising events throughout the community that will bring local fashion enthusiasts together. Events will vary from small business presentations, fashion shows, workshops on the academics of fashion and much more.


How do I become a member?


Member fee of $20 is submitted semi-annually. Must attendance twice a month meetings *Phone conferences available* Please send email to submit your interest. subject line: New Member inquiry. Thank you for considering being a part of the team!


What are the benefits of being a member?


As a member you will get multiple opportunites to network, build your skills and increase your knowledge of the fashion industry while also contributing to making a difference in Michigan's fashion industry. As a fellow enthusiasts, you will be doing what you love with others that share your passion.


Are my donations tax deducitble?

Yes, whether you are a sponsor or providing a general donation, your financial contribution to Fashion House of F.A.B is tax deductible. Thank you in advance for your support!