Last Minute Costume? No problem! The Top 5 Costumes that are already in your Closet

As soon as the temperature drops and the leaves change, we all become excited for fall fashion, cider and donuts, and last but not least, Halloween. In our heads we secretly plan to make this Halloween count and have the best Halloween costume ever. Well...maybe not ever, just better than last year. We ponder costume ideas for a few hours. Cop, witch, monster, superhero, and every other cliche costume crosses our mind but we never pick one. Soon our thoughts switch to work, school, home, and life gets in the way. We never think about our costume again. But now, halloween is less than a week away and you, like the rest of us, are without a costume. Aaaah! Don't worry! Fashion House of F.A.B has your back and will have you in a costume in no time! Rosie the Riveter.

Rosie the Riveter is a girl's best friend. Not only does she represent women's independence and contribution to the workforce, but she's cute, fierce and easy to put together. Every girl has a red bandana, a blue jean shirt, black bottoms and boots. Add a popping red lip and you'll catch everyone's eye at the party! Next on the list is a cowgirl / cowboy.

With a plaid shirt and your favorite pair of distressed jeans you'll be the most stylish country-western star at the hoedown. A blue jean jacket or vest, along with cowboy boots and hat will complete the look. No western boots or hat? That's okay, any style of boots will do. You can skip the hat by tying a bandana around your neck or wearing your hair in two pigtails.

A nerd or bookworm is always easy to achieve.

Tube socks, suspenders, a tie, and tape around your glasses are all you'll need. Add a backpack and a pencil in your hair or behind your ear and you're ready for school! An Era of your choosing.

Whether it's the 70s, 80s, or the 90s, you already have at least one piece of clothing from the past. Leather jackets, baggy jeans, overalls, miniskirts, neon colors, leggings, tight jeans, and big chunky jewelry have ALL been done before. Way before you purchased them from Forever 21 or The Villa. See, fashion repeats itself, so you will have more than enough clothing and accessories for your time period. Last but not least! If you're feeling risky then this last minute costume is definitely for you.

Transform into Tom Cruise with a white button-down shirt and sunglasses. Now you're ready for some “Risky Business"!

Hopefully with these ideas you were able to put together a costume and make it to your friend's Halloween party. If not, there's always next year!

Happy Halloween!

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