Top 5 Winter Fashion Trends

Top 5 Winter Fashion Trends

1. Faux Fur Layers

Faux Fur is definitely timeless and this season is no different.

Faux Fur gives off a sophisticated and luxurious vibe that other material simple doesn't compare to.

2. Platform Heels

Even through the cold winter weather, you can still dress up an be comfortable. Platform heels is way you can be sexy, comfortable and practical on the snowy sidewalks.

3. Floral Headbands

Although winter is in full effect, you can still spice up your wardrobe by wearing floral headbands. This sleek and preppy style is sure to put you in a good mood.

4. Infinity Scarves

Infinity scarves are a must to wear in the cold weather! The scarves not only allow you to keep warm but they are versatile and give off a polished look.

5 Oversized Sweaters

Nothing is more comfty than a an overused sweater. You can dress up the sweater by wearing it as as a tunic with leggings or fitted jeans or you can spice it up and wear the sweater with tall boots.

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