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How to dress- Harlem Nights

Brief Background on the roaring twenties

The 20's was an exciting age for music, the arts, and politics. During this time was a cultural movement from the South to the North for African Americans. This was the birth of Jazz music. Prohibition during this era inspired the plot of The Great Gatsby. In all, the 1920's was a great shift for America in many ways. We chose Harlem Nights to revisit this time of change and cultural movement as a symbol of the changes Fashion House of F.A.B plans to make within the community. As time changes, so must the fashion trend.

If you are having trouble finding what to wear for the upcoming Harlem Nights themed gala, below are some tips to help you put together your ensemble. We can't wait to see what your creation! We know you'' look fashionable.

Helpful Tips


Photo: Darwin, MyG7 Models: Carlos & Leroy

Whether you're wearing a newsboy hat or a tailored zoot suit, there are plenty of ways for a guy to dress for the occasion. A suit with a vest was commonly worn for men during this era. Nevertheless, remember to put your own twist into any style.

Go to Accessory:

  • Suspenders

  • Ivoy hat

  • Bowtie

  • Cane

  • Pocket Watch


Shimmer, sequin, and boas oh my!

The 1920's was a revolutionary time for women's fashion. Flapper dresses were a fashion outbreak on the scene but there way more to adore.

Photo by MyG7 Photography

Helpful Accessory:

  • Cloche Hat

  • Mary Jane ankle strap

  • Sequin

  • Long dress

  • Pearls

Don't be afraid to time travel with us. The best source for vintage clothing is your local refurbished store and local designers. You never know what unique finds you'll come across at a low price!

Hope to see you Saturday, April 16 at our Harlem Nights gala. Doors open at 7pm.

Guest Speakers

Grace Liang "Color and Grace"

Leah Vernon "Beauty and the muse"

Purchase your ticket online at

Photos by Darwin, My G7 photography

Male Models: Carlos and Leroy

Female Models: Ashlyn and Nayla

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