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Style Tip: Dressing for a "Blue" theme event

To raise funds for asthma awareness in Michigan, Fashion House of F.A.B is organizing the event, "A.I.R -Asthma is Real". On Friday, August 19, there will be a blue tie gala with guest speakers, live performances and a fashion show! This event will take place at St. John's Banquet Center located at 22001 Northwestern Hwy, Southfield, MI from 7pm-10pm.

So we have the who, when and where, but WHAT are you going to wear that's BLUE? Color dress codes can be a hassle, but nevertheless that are doable! Blue has so many fun shades to choose from. The summertime is your chance to explore your brights and try out different silhouettes. Here are some tips that will help you prepare your outstanding outfit for this upcoming event.

Tip #1 Instead of white, think of blue as your blank canvas. Accessories are always a great way to add flare to an outfit. Since it is the summertime, go for accessories that have other colors in them. A colorful statement piece always gets the job done. Nevertheless, your silver or gold jewelry will always be there to help you out. Check out the video for additional tips.

Tip #2 Blue does not mean you are allowed to wear blue jeans! A gala is a formal event. So guys lets dig deeper into your closet for a nice pair of dress pants or slacks. If you have a blue pair then congratulations, you are half-way dressed! Blue gym shoes are not allowed either. Replace the snap back with a fedora. Dabble in different patterns for your tie and handkerchief. Here is one stylist that will help bring out your inner beau.

Tip #3 How much blue is too much blue? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But no one wants to look like the cartoon character "Cookie Monster" from the cartoon show Sesame Street.

So keep these two words in mind when putting your blue outfit together: balance and assortment. Make sure you have the right balance whether you're mixing shades of blue or adding a touch of another color. The kicker is the assortment of accessories. Can you do a sky blue pearl necklace on top of a v-neck navy blue dress? You sure can. Your attire is like a puzzle and you have to make sure the pieces fit to make a picture (i.e your outfit for the Blue Tie gala).

Keep those tips in mind and you are sure to come out with a winner. Remember it is OK to step outside your comfort zone. You will have a couple of tries before picking the perfect outfit. But do not give up. Make sure you plan your outfit ahead so that you are not fashionably late! Show starts at 7pm and you do not want to miss out.

We can't wait to see how you wear your Blue!



Proceeds will benefit the nonprofit organization, Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America-Michigan Chapter. You can visit their website to learn how they are helping towards the research, education and prevention of asthma.

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